This is the Rome branch of the New Covenant Church in Italy: Starting from our own “Jerusalem”, Rome, to the

outer most part of Italy and to the world. We are a loving family church with a mandate to impact our local community

and city with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rev(Mrs) Monilola Olaniran is the Pastor of the Branch.

Our Mission

To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world and build churches that are at least 1 percent of the local population.

National Mission Statement

We bring people to light and freedom in Jesus Christ and raise godly and prosperous families.

“I will be their God and they shall be my people.” – Hebrews 8:10b

The Three Modes of Operation

Discipleship, Cell Group and Celebration.

Rome Vision Statement

We are a loving and caring family church positively influencing our community and world, providing fellowship and meeting

people’s spiritual, emotional, physical and material needs. In doing so, we are making a difference to humanity

and making the world a better place.

3 – Fold strategy

Missions: Supporting missions at home and abroad financially and materially.

Charity: Donations to worthy causes that change life positively.

Counselling and Prayers: Supporting people with biblical counselling and prayers.